19 May 2011


It infuriates me beyond measure the strength that men inherently possess, that 99.999998% of women will never, ever EVER be able to compete against a man in any event of athleticism. It makes me crazy with frustration that MEN are physically able to do at LEAST one chin-up or pull-up OFF THE COUCH without working for it AT ALL EVER EVER EVER. Seriously, show me an able-bodied dude who CAN'T do a pull-up. Anywhere. Ever. EVER. It makes me crazy with frustration that I work my ass off doing a bunch of moderately crazy shit that a super low percentage of women (or men, let's be honest) could (would?) ever do, and some XY walks in off the street, up to my heavy ass squat bar and puts it on his shoulders and does a really ugly squat with it, or ten no problem, then goes over and busts out ten or 20 wide-grip pull-ups. And i have NEVER been able to do one chin/pull-up in my entire athletic life!? (That "dude walks in" scenario didn't actually happen, but it COULD, and that's the part that makes me CRAZY. Though, I should acknowledge that it could also happen if a woman walked in, however, the likelihood is greatly diminished.)? I have been working on it for 2 months straight, doing lots of hangs, slowly descending-things, etc every time I go to the gym, and I can do like, 28% of a full-one unassisted, which is approximately 7% more than I could 2 weeks ago, so it's getting there, slowly; I'd like to be able to do ONE or TWO complete unassisted chin-ups by the time I leave Korea, but I HAVE TO WORK SO HARD TO MAKE IT HAPPEN which is fine because I ENJOY working hard, but for a chin up!? and you fuckers just walk up and do them with little-to-no effort!! the sense of accomplishment I'll get to feel when it actually happens will be unmatched, but STILL!!!! ) ARRRGGGHHHHHH I HATE IT SO MUCH!!!!! JUST BECAUSE YALL ARE DUDES MAKES YOU BLOODY STRONG FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Women have to actually TRY to be strong, and so few are actually willing to do it! I'm 6 feet tall with longer/broader everything than (most of) my similarly-chromosome'd sisters, and actually am a naturally strong person because I need to be, in order to exist, right? Proportionally, I mean. So though my proportional natural strength is greater than that of most women, because it needs to be (and, thank you dominant tall- and strong-person genes, I suppose), I will NEVER be strong like men are strong.  And it ANGERS ME DEEPLY. You could argue that it's a fair trade-off, because I am something of a fish, but that doesn't count because swimming is the one natural ability I was made with, one thing that i'm better at than most people, without trying. So I get it when dudes can do strong things without trying, but come on, JUST FOR BEING BORN!? Dudes get to do pull-ups without trying!? Not to mention the more defined musculature after only a few weeks of regular lifting?!? I have serious penis-envy.

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