29 October 2010


Birch trees outside of the Tate Modern Museum of Art, October 2009.

27 October 2010


Teachers' Meeting, complete with two enormous pots of bubbling gamjetang (pig spine & potato soup) and somak (beer + soju).

25 October 2010


More scenes from the temple & Parade of Lanterns on Buddha's Birthday.

22 October 2010


Parade of Lanterns, Buddha's Birthday, the kind that don't have to be carried ... or paraded.


Happy Birfday, Buddha!

21 October 2010


At the temple, ending the parade of lanterns on Buddha's Birthday

20 October 2010


Miniature turds dressed in miniature traditional Korean clothes before Chuseok in September, the autumn full-moon harvest celebration that involves, well, harvesting, then cooking a massive feast with the fam, and, most importantly, six days off from work.
Lindsay's picture.

19 October 2010


Album cover for my latest project: Zandra Faye & the Impulsively Got Yellow Ukulele. Yep, it's a solo project. Those other three silhouettes represent the 75% of my brain that mysteriously cease to exist in these increasingly common Impulse Buying situations. ::forehead slap::


What does it mean!?

18 October 2010


Shabu-Shabu ("hot pot"). With beef & mushrooms & bok choy & bean sprouts.


Korean BBQ.
Sean's photo.


Spicy broth with shellfish & noodles, along with various side dishes, and kimchi chigae.
Sean's photo.


Some kind of crispy puffy rice thing that has a texture similar to that of a giant Cheeto, but with less crunch, a little more chew, and probably fewer preservatives. The white & green swirly thing is a very chewy, very flavor-less rice cake. These snacks were served with the traditional tea at the traditional tea house in Insadong.
Sean's photo.

15 October 2010


He's sad because he's worried we might still be hungry after we finish ... and that the Cass Lemon will run out before the Korean Pepper Burn is soothed.


Come hither. Okay, red bridge, I'll cross you and sit on the sand under the overcast September Chuseok sky, while the wind steals my hat and spills my beer.

*photo by: SDW


Dangsan Park, 10 feet from my front door. If you live in the right place, Seoul has lots of green space. Sean took it. The picture.


At the Museum of Contemporary Art near Sadang Station. The colors were more vibrant in real life. Sean wants this painting, so he took the picture of it.

13 October 2010


The Kid went hikin (with a girl!) while I went to work, and took lotsa pictures of the peaks and pollution, so I poached this perfect prototype.

11 October 2010


Who needs stars when you got this kinda voltage?

Photo by: Sean "My feet hate me" Williams


Photo by: Sean "What's that taste like?!" Williams

10 October 2010


I spy with my little eye ...

Photo by: Sunset Chaser Williams


Aint no escapin the neon in this here 'Soul of Asia.'

photo by: Frumpy "Give me the gd keys!" McFrumperson


We may or may not have chased the white wabbit to find the opposite of Seoul Forest.

photo by: The Mad Hatter

08 October 2010

"Good ideas don't start with "we have a bottle of vodka..."" --Texts From Last Night, 315

A steamy cup of jujube tea on a brisk autumn Wednesday at a traditional tea house in Insadong.
Sean, please come back. Doing stuff alone on the "Surprise! You don't work til 4!" days is ... lonely.

07 October 2010


"Somebody's Heine is crowding my ice box, somebody's cold one is giving me chills"

These bottles have a million-dolla view of Seoul on their window ledge behind the ultra-hip bar at the base of Namsan Tower.

Photo by: The Middle Brother


Love Lockdown at Namsan Park. aw.


Emptyin those bladders in style ... the little boys' room at the Seoul Tower.
(Hmm, if this view and gaudy sinks are for the kids, what the heck does the MENS' room look like?! I'm thinkin life-sized hollowed-out bronze statues of naked women as urinals, and plaster breasts covered in 500-won coins to house the foam antibacterial hand soap.)

Photo by: someone usually permitted in the men's room, but who was gently escorted out by his ear when the other patrons saw his camera.

06 October 2010


The pagoda thing at Namsan Park, a few meters from Seoul Tower.

*Photo by: my turd brother Sean, who selfishly deserted me yesterday in search of greener pastures ... in the Yosemite Valley. I guess he coulda done worse ...

05 October 2010


Magkkeoli (carbonated Korean rice wine) served in the traditional style: ladled from a large ceramic bowl into smaller aluminum sipping (or chugging, when getting fake-bitten by the Magkkeoli Croc on Jack's iPhone/Second Penis) bowls.