19 September 2008

Plates and bowls have nothing to worry about

How do I manage to break every interesting coffee mug that I buy with my own money, but the stupid ugly clear glass Bailey's cups that were here when I moved in remain intact?
What's even sadder is that they were probably freebies included with a purchase by the previous tenant of some over-sized bottle of that over-sweet over-creamy crappy excuse for an adult beverage.

It is truly a wonder that my coffee press has yet to meet it's demise at the hands of my clumsiness, paired with my poorly designed under-the-counter storage space.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

03 September 2008

you didn't ask, but . . .

i don't get why it's so important for yous to try and achieve the hipster image. i know yous, i know hipsters. yous can try to look the part all you want, but trust me, there's just no hiding behind that facade. no matter what, there is always some part of yous that gets lost in trying to get into that crowd. and then yous start wanting to do things for the wrong reasons, like "if i had this tattoo and piercing . . ." or "if i start rolling my own cigarettes . . ." or "when i get my art on display for second saturday . . ." or "when i get a messenger bag that looks old and crusty and is held together with pieces of duct tape and has band merch all over it . . ." or "if i can really get obsessed with something ridiculously mainstream like lindsey lohan or oprah or the NBA . . ." it would ALL be so you could appear "hipster."
i could go on and on with these "if" statments (it's easy and fun and stereotypical, which makes it easy and fun), but i'll spare yous.

oh, and THEN yous start questioning everything yous enjoy or pay attention to, because yous might get shunned by that crowd if it's too mainstream. sure, if someone says "let's go to starbucks or shopping at walmart!" then they haven't a prayer for hipster status. but fuck man, just do what you want and fucking enjoy it. do NOT do shit for the sole purpose of gaining "hipster cred" or "indie cred" or whatever you wanna call it. FUCK THAT. it doesn't matter.
at all. that being said, i do not advocate the patronage of either of said evil earth-destorying people-screwing corporations and believe they should be avoided at all costs. but that's another subject for another post. yous get the drift.
i digress.
yous can like super obscure bands and obscure movies/directors, which both mean yous have at least moderately good taste. but don't make those the only things that define yous. or which crowd yous run with.

this is not a personal attack, so don't take it that way. it's just my observation of what happens to people when they think they want to be considered "hipster." trust me, i played that game. all through univeristy and beyond, until recently i realized all my attempts were fruitless. and i'm okay with it, because these fucking hipsters don't have a fraction of the intelligence and or life experience that i do . . . these hipsters who look down their noses at and disregard me because i smile and laugh too much and my clothes aren't vintage and don't come from a boutique (but orignially came from a thrift store for a dollar but they paid $20 for that dress so it's obviously superior) so why should i care whether or not i fit their image? FUCK THAT. there is too much going on in this world to worry about the petty high school clique-y ness that are the hipsters we so know/love/loathe.

i'm just speaking from experience that yous can't (shouldn't) choose friends based purely on their hipster/mainstream status. it took me a very long time to figure that out [ ... ]. it's probably because you're surrounded by people you think you wanna be/resemble what with your new job in the independent-soon-to-be-corporate coffee shop/bakery and all. but eventually (hopefully) you'll grow out of it, and realize what a waste of everything it was.

but i'm in the caribbean, what the hell do i know about hipsters.