23 September 2011

Photo luminescent

Anyone know what this structure was called? That fabric was black-light reactive. The designer attached black-light laser pens to cords hanging from the ceiling(?) every few steps for people to use, to make glowing graffitis at night, which disappeared within ~30 minutes...a kind of self-renewing canvas?
It was my favorite installation.

07 September 2011


Return to Consciousness & Reality

(Yesterday, from a letter to a friend.)

Apparently, I'm back from Burning Man. 
The longer I sit around trying to process what when down on the Playa, the more I'm discovering how impossible it is to put into any kind of words. Megan has been a few times, and she describes it as an Engineer's Carnival/Playground, which, aesthetically and structurally speaking, is very accurate. People spend months and months and thousands of dollars building the crazy awesome visions  that are in their heads. And then they bring them to a dried up lake in the middle of BFE, Nevada for people to play with and/or gaze upon. I experimented with psychedelics, public nudity, shadows, and light. I met some incredible people, fell in Playa-love with them, danced, felt, and talked deeply. I let go of all judgment. I hugged everyone with whom I came in contact, and held onto them like letting go would be my last breath. The overwhelming sensory stimulation kept my photo-taking at bay, only taking out the Canon, finally on the fourth day, to attempt capturing a minute fraction of what I was experiencing, and failing miserably.
I'm exhausted and satisfied, in entirely new ways. 
I hope you get to The Playa sometime (soon) in this life.
Be good, always.