31 March 2011


April ... FOOLS!???

(The comedic journey to Korean Platinum,Try #1. Too hilarious and AWFUL to not share with the internets. The hairs lady says it takes Asians 3 or 4 bleach treatments to get their hairs as light as I want mine, though I suspect she's just being nice. She says it will be there after Try #2, happening tomorrow after a full day of kids & adults gasping, hiding shocked grins behind hands, and then assuring me how beautiful it is. Actually, the kids won't bother with all that politeness. They'll just point and laugh. Too bad this sight to make eyes sore isn't a reward for a class doing really well on something. I imagine it would be pretty fantastic to be The Korean Students Who Made the Foreigner Bleach Her Hair. Or something equally as catchy. ha. ha. ha! Where o where is my salon goddess cousin when I need herㅠㅠ. )

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Nisha said...

ahahahahahahaha! i mean. you so beautiful!