21 February 2011



The Amazing Mike Brana said...

Is he singing or just laughing his ass off?

Either way, this photo is AWESOME.

Alex said...

Thank you, m'dear!

We walked by a group of ajoshis (grandpas) playing a traditional game where four sticks, each with a flattened side, are tossed onto the ground. It seemed that a valuable throw was to get all four sticks to land the same (all flat-side down or up). This man was annihilating everyone, nailing the 4 up/down round after round after round, which I attribute to his hop-and-release technique (photo coming soon). Perhaps it was a gambling game and his friends were about to owe him a bunch of money. Perhaps he was very drunk (though lacking the red face and *ahem* scent, doubtful)... Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps. Whatever the cause, he was indeed laughing his ass off too much to ignore.

It's Me! said...

I love a good knee-slapping, foot-stomping, head-throwing bout of laughter. Great moment captured!