10 January 2011


Will someone please tell me wtf a Ford Econoline 150 conversion van is doing in Korea
Especially one that is stenciled with a Danielsville, Georgia logo of some sort, from a used car dealership, I presume?
Koreans certainly have a "healthy" infatuation for all things over-sized, gluttonous and fashionable *ahem COSTCOs, iPads, Mini Coopers, Louis Vuitton bags, fixies worth more than a single-eye lasik procedure everywhere* but this van is more out of place than a 6-foot-tall white girl tryin to buy socks at a subway station in a densely populated Asian metropolis.
Ya reckon it belongs to some army person who tried to bring their Dirty South to the East, conveniently using the 8 MPG beast to shuttle the kids around the army base to the American grocerystoreschooldininghallswimming poolsoccerfieldweightroomapartmentstarbucksapartmentstoreetc? Whateva you gotta do to keep them patriots happy, ready on the balls of their feet, bouncing from right to the left and back, crackin phalanges, poised to pounce at the drop of a ... bomb. I guess.

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