13 January 2011


Dennis is seven Korean age, so he's really six. He speaks better English than 5 of the 11 Korean teachers at our school, and often tries to take over the class, translating to his classmates when we're trying to explain a game or something. Chris told me that Dennis came up to him one day after our elevator/escalator science lesson and told him that escalators are far superior to elevators. Why? Because you don't have to wait for them, you just walk onto the moving stairs, and they take you up, and you can walk up them if you want to go faster.
He's my favorite.


Nisha said...

yeah! especially in korea where the elevators take 20 minutes to come to your floor (after they've already passed you once). that's one smart turd you got there.

Nisha said...

and super cute-uh.

alex said...

He's too smart for his own good.