02 December 2010


Dear Stalkerbook Behind-the-Sceners,

Though I appreciate the suggestions accompanied by each Reason for Leaving, the one that applies to my chosen Reason doesn't really apply; I opted out of most notification emails when they first became a nuisance some years ago. Don't get me wrong, I heart checking up on my "friends" from back in the day (and "friends" from last night) as much as the next Stalkerbook fiend. It's just that I have quite the laundry list of skillz I hope to acquire sometime in this life. (Un)Fortunately, turning into a zombie while in front of my netbook, refreshing my newsfeed every ten minutes and obsessively making sure I look passably funny/attractive/strong/interesting in other people's photo albums isn't one of them.

As an ESL teacher in Korea, my down time is quite rare; I'd rather savor each second I have outside of my 10-hour work days dodging 3-foot-tall kindergarteners and 5-foot-tall adults partaking in more productive, more satisfying, more fulfilling activities. Such as composing actual emails, or even handwritten letters on cards I've made out of photographs I've taken. Or updating my blog. Or faster F-to-C-to-G-to-F chord changes on my ukulele. Or studying GRE vocabulary. Or making plans for The Next Chapter. Or finding a cure for HIV. (Okay, the last one was kind of a joke, but it being the day after World AIDS Day and all, just thought I'd throw it out there, cause it'd be really nice if someone could finally figure it out.) I think you get the idea.

I'd always threatened a dramatic departure, but lacked the ovaries to actually click "confirm." Finally, FINALLY! It seems, today is the day to free myself from thy chains. And now, on to other things. Like an evening stroll to the market to replace my three(!!)-days-gone dish detergent.


Alexandra F. Williams

PS -- I'll most likely be back eventually just to, you know, save all my pictures... n stuff.


It's Me! said...

aha! I found you! FB makes all my friends' talents, photos, etc. more accessible!! How dare you make me work harder to find you :) Just teasing! As long as you keep posting your beautiful pics and entertaining me with your funny/clever/endearing narratives, I'll click 100 clicks to see them!

I've been seriously thinking about bailing on the FB thing too. but i do like having the social connections at my fingertips when i need them.

anyway, happy to see you are fine and well in SoKo!

The Amazing Mike Brana said...

Fantastic. How is the uke treating you thus far? Will you be giving me a performance as well once I finally show up in Seoul? I sure hope so....