17 December 2010


"Alex teacher my mom said Alex Teacher is so fanny and beautiful and me said ha ha. ha mom and me Alex teacher is so funny and beautiful.
Alex Teacher I like Alex Teacher and I happy see you and have your help and Alex mom and Dad so beautiful and cool
I love you
from Alice
to. Alex"

(from Alice, age 6, Berkeley class, on a note in a bag full of chocolate and mini tootsie pops)

"Alex Teacher, my mom & dad think you're awesome and want to pay you millions of won to privately tutor me in your spare time. But if you don't have time, they understand, and will still think you're funny and really crazy because you sing and dance and make weird faces in my class and get me to learn English by making me wear your giantess clothing. Ha ha! ha. Those slippers were really big! Even bigger than my dad's! I liked the colorful skirt the best because it had so many colors, but you let a boy wear it instead of me, but that's okay because he made all the kids and parents laugh and they would have just thought I was really cute for wearing an enormous sack. I mean skirt. Ha ha. ha. Oh, and my mom said your parents are probably really attractive and cool because you are so crazy, and the only possible outcome of having attractive and cool parents is a crazy offspring.
Okay! I love you! See you in class on Monday! PLEASE don't make me sing that goddamned song about the reindeer and do that absurdly uninspired dance. I hate it more than the blue Power Ranger, but less than Brian from Berkeley class. *heart*

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The Amazing Mike Brana said...

Ummm...... Reading this really makes me miss you. BTW I will be replying to your e-mail, but you know how we are about doing it quickly. ;)

Sidenote: What's the deal with possibly going to war over there? Sounds exciting and everything, but so is trapezing and there isn't artillery involved or nukes or the military or hostile governments or....