28 December 2010


So last night I ordered Korean food delivery, like usual, from my usual delivery people. They know my voice (or maybe they labelled their caller ID for my number with "Stupid Waegook (Foreigner)") cause when I order, they don't even ask for my address any more. It's pretty awesome. But tonight I was feeling adventurous, and ordered something I'd never tried before, simply because I could read the name, and its picture looked very similar to my favorite thing they make, very spicy mushroom & beef soup (yeoukaychang) with rice & kimchi on the side, so hey, why not? 20 minutes later, delivery dude was at my door, ready with my order. I paid him, then immediately tore into the plastic wrap to find out exactly what was contained within the mystery bowl of food. It was kind of like that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when they're eating all that *ahem* exotic food, and the lady sticks her spoon into her soup, and all the eyeballs float to the top. Except my bowl didn't have eyeballs, it had 1-inch tubes of greyish, hollow digestive organs. I'd ordered spicy intestine soup. I tried one piece, but it was a little too chewy for my delicate palate, so I immediately fished out every last piece of some poor animal's digestive tract and deposited them into my food waste bag.

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Mike Skuja said...

Looks surprisingly appetizing