11 November 2010


Dear Sacramento,

How do I miss thee? Let me count the ways ...
1. Megan.
1. Colin.
1. Mike.
1. Ellipses.
5. BodyTribe.
6. $2 Tuesday IPA at the Roob.
7. Game Night at Dave & Mel's; Game Night at Gideon's.
8. Foxy Goose.
9. The SUPA Crew, pre-Peace Corps adventures, especially the ones who visited me on the island (*ahem* Roxie & Babs!) and/or sent me sweet packages full of treats from Trader Joe's (*ahem* Michelle!).
10. The Bee, but only for the comix & puzzles.
11. Dad's, Andy Nguyen's, that Mexican place on Alhambra next to Safeway, & Hot Italian.
12. Your proximity to my family.
13. South Side (especially the Universal Universe) & McKinley.

See ya 'round, Old Friend.

All the love in my heart,


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