07 August 2010

365, just a baseline.

Today, I embark on an ambitious blog journey, jumping on the 365 bandwagon, aiming for daily updates, in the form of a digital photograph.

Now, let we go.

First day in Thailand, a tuk-tuk driver in Bangkok zipped me around to various photographic places of interest, but not before the obligatory stops at the jewelry store with the shiny, faceted, precious stones, and then the tailor to browse the catalogs for custom-made evening gowns. (He earned 5 free liters of gas from one or both of these places, just for bringing them potential customers.)

This tree is outside the "ancient" temple Wat Samphanthawongsaram Worawiharn.
I'm not sure about the meaning of the offerings. According to various Buddhist Symbols sites on the interwebs, the silk is one of the Five Qualities of Enjoyment. "When they come into contact with our senses, they give rise to the negative consequences of attachment and craving." Silk relates to touch. The tree might be a sacred Bodhi Tree, representing the actual Bodhi Tree in India under which Siddartha Gautama achieved enlightenment. But really, I don't know jack about Buddhism, so these statements are only inferred from what little I've read. If someone knows what these colorful scarves and ribbons actually represent, all comments and refutations are welcomed & appreciated.

Until tomorrow ...


Anonymous said...

Seriously? I get to see what you see every day? I LOVE this project.

Love you, too.


alex said...

What I HAVE seen, ever! Eventually, I might have to borrow some of your photos from The Island, cause they're real purdy (and most of mines are on my other hard drive).
Love YOU.