27 August 2010


So last night, while watching Season 1 of Weeds, my idle hands found some strips of paper to manipulate into these charming little stars (they're approximately the size of the nails on my index fingers). Then, when I woke up this morning, I vividly remembered three of my dreams. Three! Under normal circumstances, I'll be lucky to remember one in a week. In an effort to fill the empty jam jar with a rainbow of miniature origami, and to regularly enjoy other lives in my unconscious, I shall continue to patronize the stationery store on my way to work for the week's supply of glittery stickers and magical paper.


matt said...

i've been remembering my dreams lately too, which rarely happens. strange.

alex said...

It's pretty fun. Strange, but fun. I might start writin 'em down... I hear that helps teach yerself to have those crazy lucid ones.