20 March 2010

Why WOULDN't you?

Dear Colin,
You need to be here. This place is full of greatness. All-night saunas (ten bucks to sit in a warm room or take a non-sexy bath with your friends for the entire evening, with extras available, like massages). Noribang ("singing rooms" = karaoke!). Korean BBQ. Cheaaap, strong booze. Kissing rooms. A 4-D movie theater. Digital everything. Indoor water parks. Cell phones with tv antennae (you know, if you're into that sorta thing). High-speed trains to faraway places. Private DVD-viewing rooms with couches (yes, for messing around, cause everyone lives at home and nobody has a car...gotta get jiggy somewhere). REALLY cheap taxis & subway. And, of course, me. Oh, did I mention the sexy Korean women? AND men? This here country has some attractive people, let me tell you. When you move here, your quality of life will increase a hundredfold.
MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!! You won't be sorry.
Your friend,

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