07 March 2010

Korean Vibrations, Vol. I

My kindergartners are SO cute I want to eat them right up. My favorite is when I'm sitting on the floor or in a chair and they come up to me and put their tiny hand on my knee or poke my nose ring cause they don't know what it is and get all up in my grill cause they want attention and throw themselves across my back when they want to play or pet my hair or climb into my lap or hold my hand when we walk down the hall*. It's taking every last ounce of my self control to not pick them up and throw them over my shoulder, or sit them with their legs dangling for a shoulder ride around the school as an 8' tall 5 yr old.
On Thursday, this tiiiny boy, probably 3 years old, was sobbing the entire class cause he had a fever, so I was rubbing his back while the other kids colored. Later during the class, while I was cleaning up, he stopped sobbing for half a second, came over to me and gave me a juicy, snotty kiss on the cheek, then toddled away and continued sobbing. God, these little turds are gonna turn me into a big softy in no time at all, getting caramels and playing Heads Up 7-Up every day, just for being so nauseatingly adorable. All of what precious little credibility I have as a teacher will quickly dissolve into a sticky puddle of sugary buttery goo...in the form of candy and games.

*Why don't adults innocently touch each other more often, the way children do? Americans** are a seriously cold group of people that would benefit tremendously from more tactile interaction.
**Germans, though, as a whole, are even more mechanical and frigid than we are. One day, I will tell yall about The Social Experiment we conducted at a tekno party in Berlin, which perfectly exemplifies my theory.

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It's Me! said...

You are beautiful and full of sweetness, of course they want to touch you! :)