20 January 2009

HEY! G e r m a n y !

Dear Karlsruhe Reader,

I have a letter, etc. for you. The ting is, I lost your address. Well, I didn't lose it. I know right where it is: festering under a pile of stinking, rotting waste in the Carriacou landfill. Yes, I put it in the garbage. I thought I recorded it into my address book before tossing the envelope... alas, my memory betrayed me.

The options are:
1) Send it to T. F. Road
2) Moderate comments until you hopefully read this post and respond with an address for me so I can stick dis ding in d mail, or you tell me to send it to the parentals in America.

I really want to postmark dis bad grrl soon so she can stop staring me down with those taunting markered letters that read
Miss _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Anxiously awaiting your comment!



alex said...

got the address!
consider it sent ;)

Marco said...

I know Karlsruhe! I lived in Baden-Würtemmberg.