02 November 2008

Overdue, but for good reason(s).

I don't need to justify my lack of entries to you people who (don't) read my blog.
Just know that my little island is keeping me busy, and forever entertained and occupied, especially since my computer was out of commission for at least three weeks. Then Nisha visited for two weeks, and that pretty much sums up the absence . . . which brings me to my next point. COME VISIT. THINGS HAPPEN when people visit. Friends I didn't know I had here come out of the bush and beach, and food and gatherings and more food and babies (to play with! JEEZ I still have at least TEN more months here, people!) come to me daily.

The Mighty Sparrow -- King of Calypso!-- even sang to my school on Friday . . . MY PRIMARY SCHOOL! The one with 158 kids! Then he performed until 1:30 am for the public. He's 75!

Today I went to a boat launch party in my village for a 45' vessel named Tradition.

I teach Spanish to 2nd through 6th graders on Wednesdays, and they love it even more than coloring (art?) on Fridays. I love it even more than coloring on Fridays.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to start my advanced scuba course, which gives me the skillz necessary to dive up to 30 meters, in wrecks, and at night. Glowing phosphorescence, watch yo back, cause A$ gunna git u. I'll also learn how to navigate, and how to control my buoyancy enough to take interesting and unblurry deep sea photographs.
Alas, I have a nasty dry cough that keeps my head pounding and doesn't produce phlegm. No sense going underwater and wasting a tank of oxygen because my stupid lungs are full of goo. Phosphorescence, you shall remain untouched for at least a week . . .

. . . because I'm going to St. Lucia Thursday - Monday. For what, you ask?
I have been selected for the Grenada National Swim Team to compete in the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States meet. Oh, and one of the swimmers I coach every day of my life made the team as well. Carriacou R E P R E S E N T! Did I mention we are the only people in the history of the world going to the OECS meet for Carriacou? I'm in the record books now; my work here is done.

Friends, I think this update has reached its end.

Until next time . . .

one love

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Quill said...


I wish our mutual employer didn't prevent a visit. But I'd say nobody else has any such excuse and I can't imagine not visiting you if I had the chance.